Interactive, real-time architectural experiences 

As real-time technologies become increasingly mainstream in real estate development, architectural visualization and construction industries, Plenum continues diversifying its products and services to serve this rapidly growing market. The virtual applications enable potential buyers of a real estate development project to explore the building before construction starts.

Example Augmented Reality Application


Interactive Panorama Views


Plenum produces panoramic virtual tours and interactive floorplans to help you sell your homes faster and it saves you time by letting potential home buyers get a realistic view of the house which lets them decide if they want to see the house in person.

We will create 3D interior and exterior visualizations assemble the 360 degree panoramas for each room / front of the house that you would like visitors to see. This can include links to each room or a floor plan where they can click on each room to view it interactively.


Example 360 degree Walk Through for PC or Laptop

Example 360 degree Walk Through for Mobile