Today, there's a new world order for corporate communication. The past few years have been dominated by cultural shifts brought about by digital technologies, new communication channels and multiple social networks. This new "conversation economy" is an always-on world where stakeholders can create and distribute content, react to messages in real time and skip messages that fail to add value.


Companies face unique challenges in this new communications environment. There's a new suite made up of customers, communities and conversations redefining what matters most to them and equating brands with company leaders.

   Our aim is to ensure that the company can live up to its purpose - that it can get its plans into action and succeed with the right goals - by ensuring that the company is having ongoing conversations with the company's stakeholders through a multitude of direct and indirect channels. It requires ability to listen to and understand the important conversations about the company that is out there. And it requires the ability to respond fast and professionally when the conversations change. Plenum has a range of tools and talent to ensure that we can advise on how to build and sustain a corporate communications function that enables all that.

We manage projects of any scale and complexity.

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