About us 


Plenum Communications is a German communications company,from Berlin formed in 2013 from the former European agency Plenum Ltd (founded in 2009). From 2011 we offer high-end architectural computer generated imagery (CGI) as part of our real estate marketing portfolio.

Founded by a team of independent communications and branding experts, the strenght of Plenum resides in the diversity of its members. We have expertise in market analysis, strategic planning, design as well as the delivery of a full range of classical advertising and digital marketing solutions.

We enjoy the benefits of being part of Europes leading media and industry networks. This gives us an unparalleled ability to draw upon international experience to support local project success.

Because each of us have an ideally and economically equal share the success and the value in our collaboration with one another and with our clients comes naturally.









Berlin, EU-wide




Internatuional / focus on EU, Germany, Austria, Switzerland




Full Service Brand Management, expertise in digital marketing, communications and multimedia




Core team of communications experts, designers and architects





German Chamber of Commerce, European network